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Our mission at the Kanelopoulos Law Firm is to help enforce the rights of those in our community who have been injured by the negligent acts/omissions of others.  Our advertising banner, "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS," communicates to potential clients that it is our purpose to educate them about the law.  Many will not need a lawyer and in those cases we happily perform a public service by educating them on their rights.  There will be others who absolutely need legal representation.

Welcome to the Kanelopoulos Law Firm. We are a law firm in Oklahoma working to protect the rights of victims of personal injury in Oklahoma. Our mission is to help enforce the rights of those in our community who have been injured by the negligent acts or omissions of others. If you are seeking an attorney in Oklahoma City, or the surrounding areas, browse our website to learn more about our firm and call us for a free consultation.

Our advertising banner, �KNOW YOUR RIGHTS�, communicates to our potential clients that educating our clients about the law, their rights and legal remedies available to them under the law is our main purpose. We provide legal advice for auto accidents in Oklahoma City, dog bites in Oklahoma, slip and fall in Oklahoma City, and other types of accidents due to negligence in Oklahoma City, as well as workers compensation in Oklahoma.

Some people will not need an attorney in Oklahoma City. In those cases, our lawyers in Oklahoma happily perform a public service by educating them about their rights. Others absolutely require legal representation, and we rigorously defend the rights of our clients in cases involving negligence in Oklahoma City, slip and fall in Oklahoma, cases involving the wrongful death statute in Oklahoma and other personal injury cases.

We offer top quality legal representation from an experienced attorney in Oklahoma at fair rates with our Fair Fee Guarantee. As your accident lawyer in Oklahoma, we advance all costs related to your case. Your attorney in OKC will never receive a fee unless we recover compensation for you. Our fee will never be greater than your portion of the settlement in pre-litigation cases.

We offer free consultations to give you the chance to speak to an accident attorney in Oklahoma. Please contact us to schedule your free consultation with an experienced lawyer in Oklahoma. Our attorneys in Oklahoma offer consultations in our offices, as well as hospital, emergency and after hour appointments for the convenience of our neighbors. We offer other services to victims of accidents or negligence in Oklahoma, such as free doctor referrals, attorney referrals and assistance with property damage and car rental.


Fair Fee Guarantee


We Give Free Consultations,
Advance All Costs,

Never Receive A Fee
Unless We Recover For You First,

Our Fee Will Never Be Greater
Than Your Portion Of A Settlement!

(Pre-Litigation Cases Only)

  • Free Doctor Referrals

  • Free Help With Property Damage & Car Rental

  • Free Attorney Referrals

  • Hospital, Emergency & After Hour Appointments





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